• How to Use the Alexa App and Echo Dot?

  • All About the Alexa App

    Let’s start:
    Start with Amazon Alexa app download- download the Alexa app in your Smartphone or Tablet from the Amazon App Store, Apple App Store, or Google Play. If you're downloading the Alexa app on your PC then you'll continue the link- Alexa.amazon.com and download it from there using any browser.
    Turn your Echo dot on- Bring Echo dot unit on the brink of an influence socket and supply it with power and switch it on.
    Remember to put your device during a central location at the house where it is often easily connected to the web without facing any physical obstacle or network issues


    Select your language.
    Proceed when it says, & Hello, your Echo Device is prepared for setup." And plow ahead with other settings. you would like to pick the language of your choice and therefore the screen will have a prompt to try to that.
    You will get options like English (U.S., U.K., India, Canada, and Australia), or German. Select the language of your choice and plow ahead.
    Time to attach to Wi-Fi.
    Now, your device will invite strong internet connectivity to start the Echo Dot setup. So, you would like to possess a Wi-Fi reception.

    You will be automatically prompted to attach to Wi-Fi otherwise you also can swipe down from the highest of the screen and choose the Settings gear. Now, hook up with your Wi-Fi with the proper credentials.
    Confirm some time zone.
    Now attend the settings and click on on the “Select some time Zone.” The option than simply choose some time zone and site from the list provided and tap Continue.
    Open the Alexa App download

    Sign into Amazon.
    Now, login together with your |along with your"> together with your Amazon accounts with your email address and your password. you'll need to create a replacement account if you are doing not have an account.
    Make sure there are not any pending updates and if there are any download and install them.
    Now, you're all through with your Amazon Alexa app found out and you'll start using your amazing Echo Dot device
    To begin with, it, say “wake" then issue your commands to Alexa. this is often getting to be very amazing and you'll love using the device the way it'll follow all of your orders.
    If there are other Alexa devices reception and that they are employing a similar wake work you'll even change it to something of your choice. For that, attend the Alexa app setup and choose the Devices icon by tapping help and feedback, Select your Echo device, then select Wake Word.
    Explore its various functions: Now, simply ask the Echo Dot by asking questions or giving commands like:

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